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Environmental Policy

The men and women of Safic-Alcan take environmental stewardship to heart. We understand that maintaining safe, sustainable operations not only impacts our company but our communities, the environment and our collective future. We also value the importance of “Innovative” collaboration to drive change, both internally with our businesses and functions as well as externally with organisations, customers and our principals. ​

As our company continues to grow, we have more opportunity for improvements. We started our efforts to reduce waste, enable a sustainable supply chain. Rigorous tools such as product life cycle assessment (LCA) are vital to generate insights and promote a more holistic understanding of the environmental benefits, burdens, and trade-offs of competing solutions.

One of our current objectives is to work with our principals to ensure that our products, especially cosmetics, have a preliminary LCA in order to quantify the potential environmental impacts of an ingredient throughout its life cycle.  This is the way to help our customers to make “Eco-conscious” choices that are critical to both current and future generations.


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