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REACH - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals

Compliance with REACH regulation

As a Responsible Care® company, Safic-Alcan closely monitors the laws and regulations that apply to our products and engages in continued new compliance efforts, including the European Union’s REACH Regulation policy. Two of the main objectives of REACH are to determine the hazards of chemicals and to carry out comprehensive risk assessments to protect human health and the environment.

REACH is fundamentally different compared to the existing substances legislation. Under REACH it is up to the industry to prove that its substances can be handled safely before they are placed on the market. This implies a new, much more intensive level of communication amongst participants of the value chain of a Product. Manufacturers all the way to final users must maintain communication in order to ensure an optimum exchange of substance data as required under REACH.


Registration under REACH

The specially founded REACH Task Force is working on the identification and allocation of quantities of all substances being subject to REACH registration which are produced or imported by Safic-Alcan from non-EU countries. Similarly, the REACH Task Force ensures that all European producers represented by Safic-Alcan will intend to register their products and will be provided with all related data.

You can search the status of any registration on the ECHA Website. Since January 2018, the database contains 17531 unique substances and contains information from 66815 dossiers


Commitment from Safic-Alcan

Safic-Alcan is committed to work with its customers and principals to implement REACH. For further information concerning the REACH status of the products you buy from Safic-Alcan, please get in touch with your regular business contact.

To replace those substances of concerns with alternatives, Safic-Alcan will work with our customers to recommend “innovative solutions” in cooperation with our principals.

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