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For the past few years, Safic-Alcan has registered an increasing demand for information on how we deal with sustainability issues – particularly on the part of our customers. We are pleased to respond to these needs by making our principles and activities transparent and measurable in various ways. This also includes our own regular EcoVadis assessment.

Innovation as a driver for growth

Developing “Innovative Solutions” matters to all of us at Safic-Alcan. Not only does it make good business sense, but it’s the right thing to do. Our customers and the end consumers of our products increasingly demand “Sustainability advantaged products”, and we are committed to exceed their expectations.

Eco-conscious beauty in Life Sciences

Safic-Alcan has taken a stance to encourage a holistic approach to the conservation of the environment and preservation of our planet. We believe a realistic approach to sustainability is achieved through the right balance between wisely sourced natural ingredients and cleanly produced synthetic products. If done collectively, this synergistic partnership between nature and science can greatly reduce our impact on the environment.

EcoVadis Score

In its most recent EcoVadis assessment in September 2018, Safic-Alcan’s headquarters and France operations achieved a score of 57 points, thereby improving to the silver status (Silver Recognition Level). This result puts us well above the average within our industry sector (42.4) and ranks us among the first quartile in this category. As a key part of our commitment to Sustainability, we will endeavor to further improve our score and reach the gold status.

Sustainable Procurement

To continue to be a reliable supplier to our customers, Safic-Alcan partners with suppliers who provide reliable, high quality products and services. We expect the third parties who produce products for or provide services to Safic-Alcan to conduct business responsibly, with integrity, honesty and transparency.

Safic-Alcan developed a Third Party Code of Conduct to ensure that Third parties are aware of our expectations when working with our Company and our employees.


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