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Mission & Vision

Safic-Alcan’s Vision is “to be seen as a real Partner who can provide a combination of innovative solutions and dedicated services to both, our customers and our principals”

Our Mission is “To think global, act local”. We act locally as the core of our business is our “local” customer service. Our well-implemented local offices bring their know-how, their local culture and language, their environment and markets. Purchase, billing and logistics are also dealt locally while deliveries are sent from warehouses close to customers.

We think “global” with the combination of local warehouses (one-stop-shop approach for our customers combined orders) and regional storage (Hub concept, key for our pan European principals). Throughout the last decade, we strove to become a global powerhouse by increasing dramatically the number of overseas implementations and acquiring an extensive network of speciality chemicals distributors worldwide.

At Safic-Alcan, we want to work closely with our customers to supply not only products but also formulation advice, manufacturing and processing recommendations.


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