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Creating value together with our Customers

Safic-Alcan is a global speciality chemical distributor.

We are well positioned to be the link that brings both Principals and Customers together to understand what consumers need, and how we, together, can implement sustainable innovation in the marketplace. 


The Durable Link ​

Safic-Alcan constitutes a critical part of the value chain, with market insights and a clear ability to foster growth and reduce complexity for customers. Simply put, we think global, but act local. 

This not something we just say. We act locally as the core of our business is our “local” customer service. Our well-implemented local offices bring their know-how, their local culture and language, their environment and markets. We think “global” with the combination of local warehouses and regional storage.  

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we partner with suppliers who provide reliable, high-quality products and services. We are committed to conduct all our business activities with a view to secure a sustainable and ethical business relationship in accordance with the applicable laws and standards of our activity.  

Our strategy is to drive our portfolio towards more sustainable offerings and to better meet the needs of our customers while fostering new levels of growth. We want to use sustainable development as our durable link to meet customer demands across the globe.

Our Commitment

“The human link is a key differentiator with our competitors. First internally as, each office is managed as a committed family, with strong connection between people and effective conversations. Externally, our team of specialists are connecting with both our principals and our customers deploying, strong technical knowledge and innovation skills in a highly confidence frame of collaboration.”

Deep Technical Expertise ​

Safic-Alcan has deep expertise in terms of segment-specific products, applications, and customers for a given geographic market.  

We rely on our teams who are experts in each market and our capabilities. Our application laboratories contribute to reinforce this expertise in operating analysis and development evaluations, staffing technical joint-development projects and supplying formulation capabilities and technical support to our customers. 


As an innovative distributor, we offer the support of our application laboratories across our business network worldwide. Having 9 laboratories for cosmetics, coatings, rubber, pharmacy and water treatment in France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and China, we can respond quickly to local requests from our Customers.

Safic-Alcan is also a producer. With its knowledge of markets, Safic-Alcan has built an expertise in developing specialty raw materials for technical applications. Our team of experts is dedicated to identify and select specialty chemicals for which we provide manufacturing services tailored to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. Our company ensures the conception and marketing of these products under its own trade names.

Our People

Innovative Solutions

Our objective is to be the long-lasting link providing sustainability-advantaged products. Collaboration and transparency along the value chain are critical to develop innovative solutions and drive positive change.  

Customers are invited to participate to our events to discover our innovative solutions, inspirations and tools. Our objective is to help to formulate products that will make the difference. It is more than respecting regulations: It is also an opportunity to use our creativity and innovation to be part of the solution, for our world today and for future generations.

Our Markets

Customer Centricity

Our leading design principle is to give our customers what they need, when they need it. We offer more than just reduced complexity; we bundle segment-specific products from a wide variety of manufacturers, offering something close to one-stop shopping for a given segment. This customer experience can be only offered by a distributor that has relationships with multiple manufacturers. 

In addition, Safic-Alcan provides many specific services, enabling tailored go-to-market strategies for different segments. These include technical support, formulation services, proprietary compounds, laboratory access, regulatory compliance, documentation, and other peripheral services.  

In parallel, bridging the offline and online worlds in order to connect people with a way to meet their needs. By strengthening our approach to digital B2B, Safic-Alcan provides a personalized, valuable, consistent, and seamless experience for our customers.

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