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Food and Beverages

Why choose Safic-Alcan for the Food and Beverages Industry?

We are your partner in delivering comprehensive Food & Beverages solutions. We are addressing a wide range of applications such as Dairy, Savory, Beverages, Nutrition, Bakery, and more, with a focus on using specialty ingredients from 1st-in-class principals.

Our team of passionate food technologists and experts diligently select highly functional, healthy and sustainable ingredients, making us your trusted ally in tackling formulation challenges within the F&B industry.

Thanks to our in-depth market knowledge and cutting-edge approach, we remain aligned to customer trends to better meet consumer expectations. Our ingredients selection is driven by both health and taste, ensuring that your products are not only nutritious but also visually appealing. We enhance texture, appearance, and nutritional value, creating indulgent and affordable Food & Beverages wares/products. Sustainability is at the core of our values, as we strive to meet local regulatory requirements with mainly nature-based solutions.


A strong Food and Beverages player

The expertise of a leading European distribution group, the reliability of its partnerships, the relevance of the ingredients offered, which must be sustainable, respectful of our environment and enable affordable and healthier end products.


Our Ambition

Empower formulators to create products that meet evolving customers' expectations, through top-performing ingredients.

Partnership is our relationship

  • Long standing relationship and history with principals (some up to 90 years)
  • Working on the : One principal -one contact basis, in order to bring simplicity in reporting , logistics ( hub for shipping and invoicing) and local communication.
  • Recurrent attendance to international fairs and virtual events.
  • Over 40 warehouses available across market coverage

How do we promote our portfolio

A broad portfolio

An innovative approach to the continuous research of new ingredients. Project-oriented, we keep connection through various digital events such as technical webinars and customer days but also a presence in the field at major industry exhibition, all combined with high experienced technical sales engineers.

A personal approach

A continuous interactivity with the market, suppliers, and principals. A major difference is the human aspect of the team which is resolutely dedicated to understanding your project and its realization.

We are present every step of the way

At Safic-Alcan, we are becoming a strategic partner for principals and customers through innovative solutions. Sustainability, safety and reliability are key elements of our business approach and we provide you with a diverse range of products, such as :

What makes us truly unique?

Our ingredients with high nutritional and functional values. Beyond that, we aim to support our customers in developing appealing and affordable products, aligned with the latest market trends.

We are your reliable, recognized supplier in the achievement of your Food and Beverage project through the usage of sustainable solutions and our expert's deep industry knowledge.

Get in touch with a Food and Beverage Expert​​

We are here to support you and provide useful documentation, information and innovative solutions to your projects.


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