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Our Commitment

We target a sustainable development focusing on growth, ethics, and the environment

At Safic-Alcan, Sustainability is embedded in our logo: Providing “Innovative Solutions”. It is becoming the essential component of our business, representing our commitment for our culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and responsibility. 



Our Executive Committee commitment ​

Bringing the “human” collaboration along the value chain is the core theme among Safic-Alcan. 

We want to be seen as a real Partner, the Durable Link, who can provide a combination of innovative solutions and dedicated services to both, our customers and our principals. For many years now sustainability issues such as environmental protection, safety and health as well as full compliance with laws and regulations have been deeply embedded in our Corporate culture and are now considered as our growth drivers. 

We are convinced that our continued growth and future success depend on the intelligent way in which we integrate sustainability across everything we do, from product sourcing and product development to our continued collaboration with our  principals and even, our  strategic acquisitions. 

It was very natural for us to commit to the 10 principles of the UNGC initiative in January 2018. As a signatory, Safic-Alcan joins the world’s largest voluntary corporate citizenship and sustainability initiative and has been committed to its ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption

Our People

We are well positioned to be the long-lasting link that brings both Principals and Customers together to understand what consumers need and how we, together, can implement sustainable innovation in the marketplace.

Innovation & Sustainability Council, our ESG governance

  • Safic-Alcan’s global ESG strategy is guided by the leadership of Safic-Alcan’s Innovation & Sustainability (I&S) Council.
  • The I&S Council provides direction on sustainability related issues that fall within the standard environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework across the company.
  • Internally, the Council ensures collaboration and communication across all three dimensions of sustainability.
  • Reporting to the I&S Council are three sub-councils representing the three focus areas of the Council: Innovation & Growth, Environmental Stewardship & Societal.
  • The sub-councils proactively identify emerging issues, assess internal gaps, engage cross-functional teams and execute strategically where Safic-Alcan can make the most impact.
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Our Environment, Social and Governance Strategy

Following our commitment to the UNGC, Safic-Alcan Group has developed a growth strategy using Sustainable Development as the engine for innovation.

As such, we have conducted in 2020 our first materiality assessment to identify and prioritize the many CSR issues that we have to face based on the expectations of our various stakeholders and the impact for Safic-Alcan. 

Our ESG strategy has been updated according to our materiality assessment results and is focused around 5 objectives allowing us to contribute to our sustainable development goals. 



Check our CSR Report

Our longterms commitment to Sustainability, through our bi-annual report.

Our ethical commitment

Safic-Alcan considers ethics and moral principles as the value that underpins our development and guarantees our performance in the long-run.

We make our utmost to work with our principals and customers in a trustful and stable partnership and to discuss problems and challenges in an open way. We believe that all parties involved are stronger and more efficient when they work transparently and close together.  

Safic-Alcan thrives to conduct business only with Partners who share our commitments to compliance with legal requirements and to high ethical standards. Safic-Alcan expects its suppliers to conduct business responsibly, with integrity, honesty, and transparency. 


Our core policies

  • Our “Code of Conduct” is an extension of the company’s values and is the foundation for the company’s culture. All employees are required to understand and comply with our code and all applicable laws, regulations, and company policies. 
  • Safic-Alcan developed a Third-Party Code of Conduct to ensure that Suppliers and Principals are aware of Safic-Alcan’s expectations when working with our employees. It focuses on respect of human rights standards, commitment to sustainable development and is aligned with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact. We are committed to sourcing materials from suppliers that share our values, and we expect our Partners to comply with this code. 
  • Safic-Alcan’s CEO has committed to a Corporate Environmental Policy to demonstrate that the men and women of Safic-Alcan take environmental stewardship to heart. It makes is clear that maintaining safe, sustainable operations not only impacts our company but our communities, the environment and our collective future. 




Extra-financial assessment

Safic-Alcan decided to implement a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) ongoing assessment process.  

We are using the EcoVadis CSR rating methodology which is widely recognized and used by our Suppliers as well as our Customers.  

The framework assesses the policies and measures published by companies with regards to environmental, labour practices & human rights, fair business practices and sustainable procurement issues. 

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