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Safic-Alcan Portugal Lda

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Safic-Alcan Portugal (part of the Safic-Alcan Group) started operating in Portugal end of 80’s. Originally specialising in chemicals for the Coatings industry, Safic-Alcan Portugal has improved, enlarged and grow into the speciality chemicals distributor we know today.  

Safic-Alcan Portugal now operates in diverse industries including Adhesives, Coatings,    Construction, Home Care, Inks, Nutraceuticals, Paints, Personal Care, Plastics, Polyurethanes, Rubber, Food, and Chemicals. 

Safic Alcan Portugal bases the operations on expertise, technical partnership and rapid communication to ensure correct quality and handling of your product. 

Safic-Alcan Portugal benefits from long-term partnerships with renowned world class manufacturers. It’s provided through our Division Managers an extensive portfolio of speciality products to help our customers create innovative solutions.

Countries Covered

  • Portugal

Markets Covered

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    +351/22 961 97 00

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    Via Central de Milheiros, n°862 - 4475-330 MAIA, PORTUGAL (View on map)

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