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Why Safic-Alcan for the Rubber Industry?

170 years of technical expertise making us the one stop shop reference for the rubber industry. Our global presence, together with our transversal industry experience, allows us to respond to your challenges in a tailored way.  

We aim to build a successful & sustainable partnership with our principals and customers by providing innovative solutions across the board.

We bring to the market tailor made technical support and a complete range of materials, such as Elastomers, Curing Systems, Plasticizers, Fillers and many others.  We also propose fit-to-measure solutions for the Weighing and Mixing steps.  


A Historical Rubber Player

Over 170  years of experience in supplying rubber customers.

Active across all Europe, Middle East, North America and Mexico with over 40 wearehouses distributed worldwide.  

Over 100 principals worldwide, more than 50 local technical sales experts dedicated to rubber working alongside our partners, thus providing a large range of product selection for our customers.


Our Target

We make your business run smoother at every step of the rubber value chain.

Partnership is our relationship​

  • Long standing relationship and history with principals (some up to 90 years)
  • Working on the : One principal -one contact basis, in order to bring simplicity in reporting , logistics ( hub for shipping and invoicing) and local communication.
  • Recurrent attendance to international fairs and virtual events.
  • Over 40 warehouses available across market coverage

Our Value Proposition

Tailor-made solutions and innovative support from both our Safic-Alcan teams and our Suppliers, wherever you are on the Rubber Value Chain.

Our People


How do we promote our portfolio

The Human Link

Human centric interactions = strong relationship building up with our customers.

We are a top of mind brand for rubber customers in look of market knowledge and product experience.

Customer centric interactions

Focus on spreading technical expertise to customers : Customer Days held locally (over 100 customers attending in two years), through webinars and virtual fair as well as rubber exhibitions.

What makes us truly unique ?​

We are deeply committed to different rubber associations, anticipating upcoming industry trends, involving our Principals in local collaborations with Rubber Organizations, OEM’s, clusters, Key players associations, and in training the future engineers from the best rubber schools.

Get in touch with a Rubber Expert​​

We are here to support you and provide useful documentation, information or innovative solutions, every step of the way. 


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