Webinar Safic-Alcan & Lactalis Ingredients Pharma : A reliable and sustainable source of Pharma Lactose made in France

Choose a reliable and sustainable source of Pharma Lactose made in France

On January 11th, 10 AM (CET)

Discover a reliable and sustainable source of Pharmaceutical grade lactose produced in France on this webinar, with Lactalis Ingredients Pharma. 

In the complex landscape of ingredients, lactose plays a central role, and laboratories are faced with multiple challenges - from maintaining the highest quality to managing shortages and screening multiple sources of supply.

This webinar marks a significant milestone as we introduce a brand new player in the pharmaceutical realm, committed to providing a reliable and sustainable source of pharmaceutical-grade lactose : Lactalis Ingredients Pharma.

About Lactalis Ingredients Pharma: Lactalis Ingredients Pharma is a French supplier of pharmaceutical lactose. The brand arises from the rich history of Lactalis Group and the 50 years’ experience of Lactalis Ingredients in lactose production. Thanks to Lactalis Ingredients Pharma’s state-of-the-art facility and integrated raw materials resource, we are taking a significant step forward in delivering a reliable lactose with a consistent availability to the pharmaceutical industry.

What you will learn during this session :

- Optimizing Lactose Supply Chain: Learn how vertical integration, being a provider of the milk itself, enhances the supply chain safety, ensuring a seamless and optimized journey from source to formulation in laboratories.

- Strategies for Sustainable Sourcing: Explore strategies for sustainably sourcing pharmaceutical-grade lactose, emphasizing energy and water preservation and discover the advantages of European sourcing. 

- Customer-Centric Collaboration : Explore the powerful collaboration between Lactalis Ingredients Pharma and Safic-Alcan. Learn how this partnership ensures superior quality, a resilient supply chain and a continuous technical support.

Meet Our Speaker: Marion Bucas, Marketing Director – Lactalis Ingredients

Marion Bucas, Marketing Director – Lactalis Ingredients

To celebrate this exciting partnership and hear from Marion Bucas, our special guest speaker, we invite you to a webinar on January 11th at 10 AM (CET).

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We welcome all your technical questions during the webinar, and our team will be available to provide comprehensive answers.

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