Effective Natural Active Ingredients for Skin Care Applications

Effective Natural Active Ingredients for Skin Care Applications

The pursuit of eternal youth and beauty is in the nature of man. The natural metabolism begins to take place more slowly from the age of 25, in order to slow down the effects which become visible especially in the face, various active substances can be used.

Due to the media influence, this urge for young radiant skin is constantly increasing. Digital media such as Instagram, Facebook and Co. influence men and women in their perception of beauty worldwide and set certain ideals of beauty.  In order to meet these trends, cosmetic companies are always trying to develop innovative active ingredients to support consumers in achieving this image of beauty. The most important thing here is a beautiful, even and wrinkle-free complexion. Consumers not only attach importance to the performance of these products, but also want biodegradable and natural active ingredients. 

Our suppliers Biolie, Salixin, Sensient, Ichimaru Pharcos, Res Pharma, Bioland and others therefore have various active ingredients in their portfolio that meet these requirements and offer effective solutions.

Which active categories do exist?

Active ingredients or so-called actives are primarily substances that counteract the natural aging process through certain mechanisms of action. Different mechanisms are to be distinguished depending on the active substance used.


Moisturizing & barrier repair

Natural skin aging can be influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. To counteract these, various natural active ingredients can be used. The formation of collagen and elastin fibers decreases over the years, which is one of the reasons for wrinkles. To counteract the sagging, the formation of adipocytes can be increased, which makes the skin look fuller and healthier. This effect can be caused by the Arnica extract Adeplump by Ichimaru Pharcos. By increasing the production of adipocytes, facial contours and mimic wrinkles are reduced. Furthermore, active ingredients from the cloverleaf help to increase HappiClov by Ichimaru Pharcos fibulin-5 production, which in turn improves elastin formation. This minimizes facial sagging, which leads to a happier facial expression.



Protection against cell damage

Polyphenols are among the most effective antioxidants in the plant kingdom. By scavenging free radicals that damage skin cells, they are important agents against skin aging caused by various extrinsic factors. Polyphenols are contained in numerous plants and plant parts. It is known that especially in green tea there is a high content of epigallocatechin EGC and epigallocatechin gallate EGCG. Both EGC and EGCG are among the most effective antioxidants known. The fermented green tea extract from Bioland is therefore an excellent antioxidant, which is also proven by studies of our partner. But also vegetable waters, which are used instead of water, contain polyphenolic components, like the new waters of Biolie the Cumb'O, Pyr'O and the Pep'O. The use of these waters not only saves water, but at the same time combats the effects of aging due to the active ingredients contained in the vegetable waters.

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Ingredients for sensitive skin

Skin that tends to redness and is quickly irritated needs soothing active ingredients that care for and soothe the skin. The Salixin Powder 48 from Salixin and the Natpure Xtra Integrity from Sensient serve this purpose. The willow bark extract also contains polyphenolic components such as salicin, but also salicyl alcohol and salicortin, which are not only free radical scavengers but also contain anti-inflammatory effects. The Salixin powder reduces the IL-8 production, which is released in damaged skin, immensely and thus soothes the skin. At the same time, the extract from the guayusa plant can reinforce and relive sensitive skin. Due to the main active components as the Caffeine,

Neochlorogenic acid and the Dicaffeoylquinic acid of the Natpure Xtra Integrity extract the skin barrier function will be improved. Simultanously the skin permeability decreases which allows better protection against irritants and the level of psoriasis will be decreased which reduces inflammation. Moreover the Pantrofina Remedy from Res Pharma which is a complex of active ingredients as Undecylenic Acid, Arginine and Salicylic Acid is also a fast and effective quencher of inflammation on skin and scalp.

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Most of the products mentioned in this article are Cosmos certified and have been produced through sustainable as well as clean extraction methods!

If you want to learn what innovative and natural active ingredients Biolie, Bioland, Sensient, Salixin, ResPharma and Ichimaru Pharcos continues to offer, feel free to join our different webinars in July & August. Here all natural actives will be explained in more detail and inspiration for new formulations will be presented.

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