Get ready for Sunsational Fun in the Sun – with Protection

Get ready for Sunsational Fun in the Sun – with Protection

A healthy and young-looking skin starts with the right sun protection. Sunscreen is used to protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation and comes in many forms, including lotion, cream, gel, and spray. Sunscreen is applied to the skin before going outside and should be reapplied every two hours, or after swimming or sweating.

Creating either a sunscreen product with a high enough SPF or a daily skin care product with SPF rating to provide effective protection from UV rays can be likened to solving a jigsaw puzzle; the formulation process can be tricky, difficult and often lead you in unexpected directions.

Depending on the active ingredients and other base ingredients used, formulators might face significant aesthetic, stability and performance challenges when trying to formulate high SPF products. That's why improving the skin feel and spread of the sunscreen are key components for making sure that your sunscreen provides optimal sun protection. Further consumers increasingly committed to sustainability and natural cosmetics and expect sunscreens that are both effective and eco-friendly.

How can we improve SPF, Skin Feel and Spreadability?

When formulating a sunscreen, it is essential to consider how it will perform on the skin. Sunscreens that provide high protection must also be comfortable to wear. Here are some tips on how to improve the skin feel and spreadability of your sunscreen formula:

Use emollients – Emollients are fatty substances that can be used to reduce tackiness, help the sunscreen spread more evenly and improve hydration. Look at our SABO portfolio to choose the right emmolient for your sunscreen formulation. There are various ingredients like for example Saboderm AB or Saboderm CSN MB.

Use Film Former – Polymers, such as our Covacryl and Natpure Range can be used to form a continuous film on the skin’s surface which improves the spreadability, boost SPF and water resistance. From Polymerexpert the Expertgel Polymer Range is a watersoluble polymer, which creates a water resistant and flexible film which helps to improve temperature stability.

Considerations When Selecting Other Ingredients for Sunscreen Formulations

In addition to UV filters, other ingredients such as antioxidants, preservatives, fragrances & colorants can affect the stability of your sunscreen formulation. Enhancing stability through pH adjustment can help maintain effectivity of active ingredients within the formulation. Actives protect the skin of UV damage before and after sunbathing.

Plant extracts can support against photodegradation and oxidative stress of the skin barrier.  Natpure Xtra Vitality and Natpure Xtra Longevity from Sensient can be perfectly used for this and in addition they are 100% natural and Cosmos approved. As active ingredients can also Izayoi and Springmint be used from Ichimaru Pharcos. Izayoi prevents sunburn and inhibits inflammation as well as Springmint. It improves skin elasticity, increases water content in stratum corneum and recover skin roughness. Last but not least Isocumis from Biolie is a moisturizing active ingredient which is rich in NMF.

Optimizing viscosity with thickeners offers better spreadability on application. To create soft gels, to stabilize an emulsion or to prevent waxes crystallization our Estogelgreen from Polymerexpert can be used. An alternative is our new clear and transparent Xanthan Gum Safic´ Care T XG Clear P from our Safic Care Range with great texturizing and thickening properties. Alginate can also be used as Thickening and Gelling with pseudoplastic behavior. Carrageenane are Gelling Agents with thixotropic behavoiur. Both stay clear in Ethanol based Sunscreen Sprays and there is no neutralization required.

In order to ensure compatibility between all components within your formula you can utilize materials or agents that serve as emulsifiers like ours from Sabo. The Sabowax PIS is a water in oil emulsifier which can be used for liquid emulsions, the Sabowax GMS SE MB is based on glyceryl monostearate. Like Sabowax PG60 MB it is an anionic self-emulisifing base suitable for water in oil emulsions with a good stability.

Looking for a high-efficiency SPF Booster? Check out our selection of skin-safe and UVA-safe products for the perfect formulation.

Today, SPF booster is a game-changer in the world of sun protection. SPF boosters are special ingredients that are used to enhance the effectiveness of sunscreen products. These boosters help to increase the effectiveness of the sunscreen in providing protection from the sun's harmful rays. They are normally added to the formula in small amounts and can include ingredients such as the Covabead Crystal, the Sensi OP White and the Sensisorb Biomim from Sensient which all display a unique combination of light reflection properties and sensorial impact: SPF Boosting and Anti- Blue Light protection. Sensients´ Covaycryl MS11 WP and Covaycryl P12 have a high Sebum resistance, a high water resistance and a high shear resistance. Last but not least Natpure Film GR is a great SPF Booster with a very high resistance to humidity and sweat as well as a good water resistance.

The Role of UV Filters in Sunscreen Formulations

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Creating sunscreens with a high SPF rating brings both aesthetic and performance challenges for cosmetic formulators. Aesthetically, a product should spread easily and be pleasant to use, while performance-wise it must offer adequate protection from UV rays. While increasing the SPF level of sunscreens has traditionally been associated with a greasy texture and an unpleasant feel, selecting the right combination of ingredients can help you overcome these challenges.

In sunscreen formulations, UV filters act as active ingredients that absorb or reflect UV light before it reaches the skin. The most used UV filters are chemical filters, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate; and physical filters, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Eco friendly % ready to formulate UV Filter such as our Resconcept Sunscreen products like the RESCONCEPT SUN SPF 30 ECO REEF, RESCONCEPT SUN SPF 50 ECO REEF are designed to responsibly protect your skin and are ready to use.

They are formulated with an eco-designed texture for not to cause concern for corals all over the world. UV TiO2 AS and Oxyde de Zinc Mircopur AS from Sensient provides a highly hydrophobic, shear resistant coating and improves the water resistance. They are easily dispersible and photocatalytic stable with an improved SPF, easier spreadability and less whitening. Easy to formulate are UV Filter Dispersions Natupure Screen TWG and Covascreen ZN which are fluid and shining dispersions with no sedimentation or re-agglomeration with a higher transparency in sunscreen formulations.

After Sun Care: Revive & Refresh Your Skin with Our Premium Products

After sun is a type of product that is used to help soothe and cool the skin after it has been exposed to the sun. It can help to reduce the pain, redness, and swelling of sunburns, as well as help to rehydrate the skin and reduce peeling. After Sun can also be used to help protect the skin from further damage caused by the sun, such as premature aging or skin cancer.

After sun is usually applied directly to the skin and is made up of ingredients such as our Lava-Dermabiotics which is a Lava Sea water probiotic solution to strengthen the skin barrier. Another ingredient from Hyundai Bioland is Eucoolan which is an anti-thermal ageing ingredient. It inhibits thermal increase of skin and UV-induced sunburn pain as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Saffrever from Biolie is a soothing active with an exceptional strong antioxidant activity. Cell´Intact™ and Sincolamant are two more After Sun products from Seqens. Cell´Intact™ decreases the pro-inflammatory response by 26.2% and prevents degradation of Cld-1 and 4, restores tissue integrity, homeostasis and epidermis barrier function. Sinocalmant is a plant complex that offers a calming action ideal to fight against skin discomfort like redness, tingling, etc. and irritations due to chemical substances.

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Achieving optimal Performance from your Sunscreen Formula

Creating a safe and effective sunscreen product requires special consideration for a variety of factors including skin feel, spreadability, stability and quality assurance testing. Incorporating ingredients such as emollients and film-forming polymers into your sunscreen formula can help improve its comfort on the skin’s surface while increasing its efficacy in blocking UVA/UVB rays from damaging one’s skin. By carefully selecting combinations of chemical and physical UV filters along with other ingredients such as antioxidants, preservatives, fragrances & colorants, one can create an optimal sunscreen formula that provides an effective level of protection while feeling comfortable on the skin.

Please feel inspired by our recommendations and our portfolio.

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