Aficep conference: The elastomer revolution and environmental standards

Aficep conference: The elastomer revolution and environmental standards

Join us on Thursday, December 7, 2023, to meet Claire Charlot, account manager and rubber expert. Immerse yourself in the expertise she'll be sharing at the Aficep conference, dedicated to the latest advances in elastomers and regulations.

Our mission is to constantly innovate to meet needs while assuming our responsibility towards the planet and contributing to a more sustainable future.  

Claire Charlot's presentation is a unique opportunity to explore our innovative tools to support the design of environmentally-friendly formulations, enabling a significant reduction in carbon footprint. 

Read the full interview with Claire Charlot to find out more about her career at Safic-Alcan.


Topic Time
Reception 8h30
Introduction to the Technical Day by Philippe DABO (President of AFICEP) 9h00
Presentation of some POLYMERIS projects by Martin PAJOT 9h15
Jean-François MALIGNON – ELANOVA (France) « Regulatory developments and news on chemicals in the rubber industry » 9h25
Alexis COLIN – CTTM (France) « Impact of extraction conditions on the quantification of low molecular weight siloxane residues in silicone materials » 9h50
Coffee Break 10h15
Claire CHARLOT – SAFIC ALCAN (France) « Tools to help in the design of greener formulations and to reduce your carbon footprint » 10h45
Didier PLUQUIN – SI GROUP (France) « Bio-sourced Rubber Curing Ultra-Accelerator For Tires & Technical Rubber Goods Applications » 11h10
Pascal SAINT-LOUIS-AUGUSTIN – ARKEMA (France) « Alkylphenol polysulfides: nitrosamine-free vulcanizing agents » 11h35
Lunch Break 12h00
Denis MERCIER – SIGMA ENGINEERING (Germany) « Mechanical properties of parts, taking into account processing history » 13h45
Julien LAGUÉRIE – CHEMOURS FRANCE (France) « Technical Results and Processing Performance of New Viton™ FWRD APA Fluoroelastomer » 14h10
Andreas KAISER – ARLANXEO DEUTSCHLAND (Germany) « Elastomers resistant against oxymethylene ethers (OME) » 14h35
Coffee Break 15h00
Éric MARTY – CNIM SYSTÈMES INDUSTRIELS (France) « Qualification of a substitute elastomer material for a strategic application » 15h30
Christian WAHLEN – ALLNEX (Germany) « Innovative Additive Solutions for Sustainable Tire Manufacturing » 15h55
Étienne DELEBECQ – HUTCHINSON RESEARCH CENTER (France) « Innovative reinforcement of elastomers » 16h20
Conclusions of the day 16h45
End of Technical Day 17h00

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