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Hot Topics : What are consumers looking for ?

 - Sustainability

Eco-friendly claims and transparency are driving purchase decision for most of beauty consumers who are interested in trying to reduce their impact on the environment. While consumers are becoming more and more aware of natural ingredients sourcing, sustainable synthetic ingredients and biotechnological ingredients are also generating interest.

- Performances

Multifunctional products with long lasting benefits and instant results are successful. Consumers show a strong interest in science behind efficacy and are looking for products offering wellness benefits for skin and mind.

- Innovative formats

Refill and reusable concepts, solid cosmetics as well as waterless formulas such as powder formats and tablets are gaining space in our beauty routines. In addition to these sustainable formats, consumers are also looking for products that are easy to use, making life easier, and expect to be surprised by fun and playful textures !


Sustainable Cosmetics
Sustainable Cosmetics

What’s new for your future cosmetic innovations ?

  • Brand new eco-designed formulas :

SOFT RESTART : Made with cold process, our micellar oil for sensitive skin contains less than 10% water and more than 87% ingredients of natural origin.

HYDRA PEARL : Our hand cream single dose, made with more than 98.5% ingredients of natural origin, is a soft solid oil-in-water emulsion with a funny texture which melts when rubbed onto the skin.

  • Latest ingredients to get inspiration

Discover new ingredients developed by our partners to support you in the creation of innovative and sustainable cosmetic products in our novelties 2021 catalogue.

To ease your researches and help you to find out the best active ingredient fitting with your cosmetic project, ask for our new active ingredients catalogue

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