Our People : Pauline Chary


A passion for music and for Sustainability :Meet Pauline Chary.

Introduce yourself...When and why did you join Safic-Alcan? What made you consider joining us?

In 2013 for the first time after my graduation and then in June 2019 when I came back from NZ. 

I was then looking at using my engineering training as well as my personal beliefs to face news challenges. I was (and still am) convinced that the Safic-Alcan’s desire to integrate sustainable development is sincere. An enriching challenge and a great opportunity that I could not miss. I am proud to be part of the adventure. 

How do experience your relationship with other collaborators, partners, principals or customers?

Collaboration, transparency, and dialogue… As ESG manager I am always saying: “alone in my office I am useless”. Everyone is implicated in our approach and the success key is the collaboration to create sustainable innovation in our products portfolio and services. It helps us to understand our impacts and to improve. 

Example: in 2020 we have done our first materiality matrix to integrate our stakeholders (internal & external) expectations in our ESG strategy. Consequently, we have updated our strategy according to this matrix and we are looking to forward to develop projects aligned with our new focus.  

What is something curious or funny we should know about you? (your hobbies, passions, etc)

I am in LOVE with music, I need it in my daily life. Can be different king of music, but I have to admit that my heart belongs to Metal/Rock/ Punk. I do not have the patience to learn how to play so I am enjoying the work of others: I am really looking forward to going back to festivals and concerts. 

If you like to learn everyday and to be part of a common adventure: get on board with us!

How do you try to incorporate Safic values of Commitment, Differentiation, Ethics, Trust & Reliability, Sustainable Development, Team Work, Transparency in your day-to-day work. 

We have updated our ESG strategy and I think it answer very well to this question: Develop a sustainability-advantaged products portfolio, Deploy sustainability in our value chain , Contribute to circular operational practices , Pursue ethical business practices, Enhance our commitment to our People and our Culture.

Do you have any illustrative fun/light stories to share from your time at Safic-Alcan? 

With the Covid situation, I am missing something important: people! I can’t wait to lunch again in restaurants with my colleagues or to enjoy happy afterwork moments or dinner with partners and colleagues during an exhibition show. 

What is the one main takeaway candidates wanting to join Safic-Alcan should know and look forward to? 
If you like to learn everyday and to be part of a common adventure: get on board! . 

Safic-Alcan in 5 words: 
People, Innovation for products portfolio, Collaboration (to bring sustainability in our value chain), responsible for responsible operations, and ethics for ethical business practices… They are the key words from our new ESG strategy. 

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