Discover innovative solutions with HappiClov and Adeplump against skin sagging

 HappiClov &  Adeplump webinar

It's no secret that the negative effects of stress on skin physiology are scientifically proven. Key structural elements of the skin including elastin just collapse under stress. Join us on September 27th 2022 at 3PM CET and learn how to fight the detrimental effect of stress with HappiClov, a four-leave clover and Adeplump, THE plumping solution against skin sagging.

In Japan like in most of the part of the world, four-leave clovers carry warm feelings of happiness and luck. Ichimaru Pharcos identified the only farm in the world which grows four-leaf clovers.  Then, they developed HappiClov, an extract produced by up-cycling unregular shapes four-leaf clovers. In clinical test, HappiClov puts a break on skin sagging by providing up-lifting benefits. Just looking at these surprising data will make you feel happier!

Skin sagging with age is also a source of stress.  Both young and elderly people express the need to plump their skin to fight against sagging.  Ichimaru Pharcos developed Adeplump, an Arnica montana extract which has been selected amongst 400 other extracts based its outstanding adipocyte booting properties. 

Impressive plumping effects of have been seen with Adeplump on lips, checks and breasts in clinical test. This webinar will convince you that you should not wait any longer to integrate THE plumping solution into your formula!

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