Seqens Cosmetic Natural Ingredients appoints ChemSpec for US distribution

Seqens Cosmetic Natural Ingredients appoints ChemSpec for US distribution

Thursday, April 8, 2021 – Seqens Cosmetic Natural Ingredients is expanding its global network with the appointment of ChemSpec’s Cosmetics Division as its US distributor for their innovative natural actives and botanicals.

Seqens Cosmetic Natural Ingredients, based in Limoges in France, is a division of Seqens Specialty Ingredients within Seqens Group and has been created following the acquisition of the French company ID Bio in 2018. It offers a full range of botanical extracts and fully substantiated active ingredients, with the highest quality and environmental standards.

Their manufacturing site in Limoges is certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, Ecovadis Gold and 90% of their portfolio is COSMOS compliant. Since 2019, they offer full traceability of their botanical ingredients from the plant farming to the end product manufacturing through an easy-to-use online website/app.

Seqens Cosmetic Natural Ingredients’ portfolio includes over 300 products and their most innovative actives are developed within scientific platforms:

Platform Exposome: studying the collection of factors to which an individual is exposed throughout their life

  • Cell’intact™: Buckwheat extract that protects skin from oxidative stress assaults induced by pollution through skin microbiota enhancement.
  • Sens’flower™: Saffron flower extract that functions to correct pollution-induced discomfort via the reinforcement of the skin barrier, reduction of inflammation and modulation of neurosensory aspects.
  • Osmo’city™: Marshmallow extract that acts as a physical shield thanks to its high content in high molecular weight sugars. Prevents and corrects pollutant particle adhesion to the skin.

Platform Longevity: focus on blue zones, regions recognized by scientists for the high proportion of healthy centenarians

  • Evolu’age™: Inspired by Asian longevity secrets, this getto extract functions to reinforce skin structure connections and enhance the overall appearance of the skin. Skin texture is smoothed resulting in a healthy rosy glow.

Platform Glyco-Intelligence: understand how mega-sugars work and characterize their interactions with the skin

  • Glycuron™ 2.78: An exopolysaccharide with very special physicochemical properties. This 4million Da sugar polymer, rich in uronic acid is liquid at 0.5% in water and shows very strong biological properties of hydration and brightness enhancement, together with generating sensory feeling that is able to impact image self-perception and projected alloperception.

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