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Nebotint colour tints

Looking for an innovative solution to meet your demand for efficiency and sustainability? Continue reading this guide to learn about the most important things to consider when looking for a colourant solution and you will achieve optimal performance across various applications and markets.

Ease of use

Two-base colour systems that combine a colourant with a white base and a clear base mean high efficiency and ease of use, achieving an optimum number of different colours, with a nice spread over the colour space.

The NEBOTINT® colourant range by Safic-Alcan was developed to meet these requirements, and at the same time, offers the most efficient logistic features related to its use, explained further in this article.

Colour formulation support

For a colourant system to be functional and efficient, the key factor is to have a proper colour formulation support that will ensure smooth supply of paint in any desired colour without having to develop each colour individually.

Software tools that assist with the colour development also come in hand in improving the efficiency of this process. 

Safic Alcan’s NEBOTINT®  range comes with a free of charge software assisted tool: the NEBOTINT® colour guide. It is based on a colour formulation database that allows formulators to formulate over 3000 colours, gravimetric for in-plant tinting or volumetric units for dispenser dosage, among which are the NCS, RAL K7 and British Standard fans.

You can also add additional colour formulations, we’ll be pleased to assist you in the process. In addition, the tool has the feature of performing cost-price calculations.

Tinting systems

Implementing a tinting system is probably the most optimal way to meet the market’s demands, allowing coatings professionals to offer an instant response to any colour requirement a customer might have.

No matter whether you already have a tinting system in place or are considering implementing one, Safic-Alcan can help you to make the process as smooth as possible and provide you with tinting solutions for multiple applications.

The tinting part of Safic-Alcan’s NEBOTINT® family comprises of three ranges of colourants for:

  • Marine and protective coatings
  • Decorative coatings, such as enamels, trim paints and wood coatings
  • Water-based architectural coatings

The three ranges, NEBOTINT® M, NEBOTINT® A and NEBOTINT® U respectively, are based on premium quality pigments that are optimally dispersed to give the highest possible colour strength. The consistency and rheological profile of the colourants ensures a trouble-free use for in-plant tinting as well as for local point of sales dispenser dosage.

The products have a proven, long lasting in-can stability as well as colour stability ensuring precise and constant colour reproducibility.

If you’re considering implementing a tinting system, but are concerned about time, resources and maintenance constraints, Safic-Alcan can also support in making the process as smooth as possible, providing you with formulation information about the base paints and the properties that are important for you. Safic-Alcan can adapt the colour formulations to your existing base paints and, if necessary, advise on slight modifications.

Grinding pigment vs. pigment paste

Dry pigments may be considered a good choice for large-batch, frequently made products. However, in the case of small-batch, infrequently made products, you might suffer from a relatively high yield loss and inefficient cleaning operations. Dry, typically expensive pigments for grinding, come in minimum order quantities that are usually more than required for your demand of end-product.

In addition to this, your usually single-batch grinding equipment requires a minimum amount of material and will produce a certain batch size. Poor harmonization between demand and output may generate redundant stocks of end-product, causing you to get stuck with expensive stock of either pigment or end-product in your warehouse for probably a considerable time.

Therefore, using highly concentrated liquid pigment is the optimal solution no matter whether you have the equipment to grind pigment or not. Pigment pastes just require simple mixing into the end-product, and switching to them will save you from investing considerable investments in machinery.

Safic-Alcan NEBOTINT® range also includes highly concentrated pigment pastes, suitable for use in paint, plastics, foils, adhesives and elastomers. The carrier selected in these pigment pastes is typically based on the end-application, such as car wrapping, tennis courts, door mats, mattresses, and cables. In addition, Safic-Alcan can support you in meeting a wide variety of product requirements, even the tailor-made, small-quantity ones.

Sustainability impact

With ecological awareness on the rise among virtually all in industries, you might wonder how colourants fit this global effort. Selecting solutions that support this goal is the first step.

Safic-Alcan’s NEBOTINT® range was developed with a strong commitment to environmental and social governance, putting great effort in enhancing the sustainability of the products, and reducing their impact on health and environment.

We constantly strive to improve our products accordingly by incorporating renewable raw materials and reducing or eliminating raw materials that are imposing health or environmental hazards.

Next to improving the sustainability of the products themselves, Safic-Alcan is proactively working on developing products that can solve contemporary environmental issues such as carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption. A result of this effort is the recent development of NEBOTINT® WH: a range of heat reflective pigment pastes available in several different colours.

Let us help you enhance the functionality of your colour solutions

Safic-Alcan’s NEBOTINT® range of liquid pigment preparations offer you a wide selection of products for a multitude of applications in various markets. As Safic-Alcan is dedicated to offering the best possible service, we value short communication lines with our customers.

In that way we are aware of our customer’s requirements and will be able to act quickly to offer service, hands on support and tailor-made solutions.

Please consult your local Safic-Alcan sales representative. She or he will be happy to discuss the NEBOTINT® range with you, answer your questions or introduce you to our technicians for further details.

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