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Safic Alcan UK presents Saf’Academy 2022, The Eco-Conscious beauty series. This series will be delivered across four concise lectures beginning in June and ending in July.

We have divided the Eco-Consious Beauty series in to four main hot topics within the sphere of sustainable cosmetics. Each lecture will be touching on topics such as circular beauty, green chemistry, sustainable production methods, upcycling, and many more!

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Week 1: The Beauty Eco-lution - 8th June 2-3pm GMT

First up in our Eco-conscious Beauty Series we discuss the life cycle of your personal care products from responsible sourcing of ingredients all the way to its end use by the consumer.  

Dr. Amy Walsh and Beth Unsworth from the Safic Alcan UK lab will discuss all the different aspects they consider in the lab when designing eco-sustainable formulations. The talk will cover on trend topics such as minimalism, multi-functionality and upscaling considerations.

Week 2: Can I get a Refill ? - 15th June 2-3pm GMT

This week we discuss the different types of sustainable product formats ranging from re-fills to solids. Propelled from the growing consumer demands for innovative ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, we will guide you through how to create these concepts in the lab.

With guest speakers from Nouryon and Aprinnova we will be highlighting quality materials to use in your latest eco-sustainable formulations.

Week 3: Waste not, Want Not - 22nd June 2-3pm GMT

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and that couldn’t be truer than for the cosmetic industry. Upcycling has seen a huge growth in recent years resulting in a rise in responsibly sourced ingredients in personal care products. Guest speakers from Symrise, SABO and Aprinnova discuss the latest circular beauty ingredients.

Week 4: Trusting the Science - 6th July 2-3pm GMT

This final week we discuss how science-based solutions can contribute to sustainability in the Cosmetic Industry, highlighting the latest technologies in the growth and production of raw materials.

Mibelle Biochemistry will discuss how nature-derived ingredients are more beneficial for the environment using their patented bio-technologies, while Jojoba Desert will discuss their latest ingredients made using sustainable production methods in their agricultural process.

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