ChemSpec Canada to distribute Aluminum pigments for Metaflake.

ChemSpec Canada to distribute Aluminum pigments for Metaflake.

ONTARIO, CANADA - June 6th, 2023 – ChemSpec Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Safic-Alcan Group, and a growing supplier in the Canadian specialty chemicals industry, is pleased to announce a distribution agreement between itself and Metaflake Ltd.

Metaflake is a leading supplier of high-quality aluminum pigments for the coatings, inks, and plastics markets, with a strong focus on innovation, sustainability, and the environment. Metaflake is the pioneer of water milled aluminum pigments that are free of solvents and mineral oils. Metaflake has taken a radical approach to a conservative industry, developing their own unique, environmentally friendly, and highly innovative technology; giving them a clear lead in their chosen markets.

We are excited to expand our specialty product offering to plastic masterbatch, coatings and inks producers in Canada. We believe Metaflake's water milled aluminum pigment technology is an eco safe differentiator for low odor FDA and Swiss Ordinance compliant applications."

Steven Kerr, Sales & Marketing Director for Metaflake Ltd. said, “We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to expand our presence into the Canadian markets with a reputable and professional partner in ChemSpec Canada Inc. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation and to introducing our water milled aluminum pigments to the Canadian customers together.” For more information, please contact

About ChemSpec

ChemSpec is a North American specialty chemical distribution firm, working within the industrial polymer compounding market and the cosmetic ingredients industry. ChemSpec is a subsidiary of Paris-based Safic-Alcan Group, an international specialty chemical distribution company, focusing on both industrial and life science chemistry.

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