Experience “Beauty Proof” with Safic-Alcan at In-Cosmetics 2024

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Join us in Paris, April 16-18 at booth 1P30 for an exciting mix of science, inspiration, and real talk about what really works in beauty.

This year at In-Cosmetics 2024, Safic-Alcan is introducing #BeautyProof, our brand new vision that encapsulates our dedication to evidence-based ingredients, ensuring products that are not only effective and wisely sourced but also formulated in the most potent way.

  • Meet my Innovation : connect with our global partners (Micro Powders, Ichimaru Pharcos, Eastman, Alchemy, Ina Trading & Arcaea) and discover the latest key innovation gathering innovation and sustainability to your future development.
  • Inspiration Lab : explore more than 20+ evidence-based formulations designed by our 6 laboratories round the world.
  • Proof Lab : dive into a unique showcase, challenging our cutting-edge portfolio's effectiveness in water retention, waterproofing, stability, texture… and witness the visible difference, with and without, through our interactive microscopy sessions.
  • Your custom routine powered by AI in 2 min : harness the precision of artificial intelligence, as we will be offering personalized facial diagnostics for a tailor-made selection of active ingredients, guaranteeing products that are not only effective but also tailored to your individual needs.
  • Sensory-Zone : experience Safic-Alcan ultimate sensorial and wellness journey with "The French Podium", unexpected & funny cosmetic formulas based on the latest sustainable and smart-chemistry innovations: 
  1. FRENCH TOUCH, designed with ingredients made in France, brings a new way of delivering oil benefits in a water-based gel without emulsifiers or solubilizers.
  2. EIFFEL STEPS, a three-phase hair serum with a blend of oils and water-soluble ingredients transforming your hair into a smoother, shinier, and more moisturized version of itself.
  3. PARISIAN DREAM, a fascinating and precious serum with oil-based microspheres that melt into the skin for a silky smooth feel, offering rapid absorption and a luxurious texture.

Don't wait any longer, discover now our online product picker and discover an extensive range of the highest quality ingredients to unleash your creativity.



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