Meet ChemSpec, a member of Safic-Alcan, and explore our evidence based ingredients!

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Join us in New York, May 1-2 at booth 233 for an exciting mix of science, inspiration, and real talk about what really works in beauty.

This year at NYSCC Supplier's Day, ChemSpec, member of Safic-Alcan is introducing #BeautyProof, our brand new vision that encapsulates our dedication to evidence-based ingredients, ensuring products that are not only effective and wisely sourced but also formulated in the most potent way.

  • Meet my Innovation : connect with our global partners (ChemipolEastmanScott Bader, & Shenzhen Winkey Technology) and discover the latest key innovation gathering innovation and sustainability to your future development.
  • Inspiration Lab : Explore 5 science-based formulations developed in our worldwide laboratories and discover the effectiveness of our range, including water retention, waterproofing, stability and texture. See for yourself the real differences with and without our products.
  • Proof Demos : see first hand, unique demonstrations, challenging our cutting-edge portfolio's effectiveness … and witness the visible difference, with and without our key ingredients.
  • Sensory-Zone : experience ChemSpec's ultimate international journey with our texture bar highlighting robust rheology modifiers to take your formulation to the next level. 

Don't wait any longer, discover now our online product picker and discover an extensive range of the highest quality ingredients to unleash your creativity.

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