Either it is pursuing her passion of music and gardening or making sure our Quality standards are met, Anne works with dedication and appreciation for transparency and the human link.

If you like international exchanges, human link and you think that reliability and trust are important values, if you want to learn more and more every day : you should come with us !

Introduce yourself...When and why did you join Safic-Alcan? What made you consider joining us?

I am Anne, Quality Manager of Biochimex. I am in charge with management of Quality System and regulatory items. 
I joined SAFIC ALCAN group end of 2017 when Biochimex entered it. But I have been working in Biochimex team since 2011.

How do experience your relationship with other collaborators, partners, principals or customers?

I am always trying in the Biochimex team to explain why we have to implement some requirements.Our day-to-day work is based on GMP and GDP requirements. Understand what we are asking for is compulsory in order to be in compliance with regulations and to improve our operational work. ISO9001 is a tool for that. Team work is a priority in our day-to-day work.
It is very important to build a “durable link” between us, our suppliers and our customers. We also need to provide added value. That’s why communication and reliability are main words in our relationship internal and external. Human link is very important for that and nowadays we have to be careful with it. 

What is something curious or funny we should know about you? (your hobbies, passions, etc)

I had been playing Flute in an orchestra since a long time and I am trying to play bass ! I have been learning since 2 years! It is a real pleasure to work my scores and discover them in order to play in concerts. But unfortunately with pandemic situation rehearsals and concerts are postponed. We hope to begin again very soon! I like mountains and go hiking all day long ! 
Last year, during 1st lockdown, I worked a lot in my garden, making grown some vegetables and flowers. Finally, results were not so bad and I am going to do again. Spring is coming and I am very delighted!

How do you try to incorporate Safic values of Commitment, Differentiation, Ethics, Trust & Reliability, Sustainable Development, Team Work, Transparency in your day-to-day work. 

Team work and transparency is actually our day-to-day culture.Commitment, Differentiation, Ethics and trust are based of our relations with our customers and partners. This had been the driving force of our success for years. We are careful to build a reliable relationship and those values are the foundations! We are going to integrate in 2021 SAFIC ALCAN ESG strategy concretely even if we are already aware with those items.

Do you have any illustrative fun/light stories to share from your time at Safic-Alcan? 
Integrating SAFIC ALCAN group, I have been appreciating “Quality meeting” and exchanges with other teams. Doing by visio is great but face to face is more pleasant!

What is the one main takeaway candidates wanting to join Safic-Alcan should know and look forward to? 
If you like international exchanges, human link and you think that reliability and trust are important values, if you want to learn more and more every day : you should join us !

Safic-Alcan in 5 words: 
Human link, Partnership, team work, Ethics, Trust 

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