Our People : Luc Nonneman

Meet Luc Nonneman, our Product Manager, who shares his journey so far at Safic-Alcan, as well as his approach to building trust with the team and partners.

When did you join Safic-Alcan ? Reason? 

Following the completion of my chemistry studies, I began my career at a paint company, developing new products for industrial and automotive applications. I then transitioned to product management, focusing on incorporating sustainable practices. In 2000, Necarbo (now Safic-Alcan Necarbo) invited me to join their team as a Technical Product Manager. The company's positive work environment, the variety of tasks within the role, and the international reach all greatly appealed to me.

How do you experience your relationship with other collaborators, partners, principals or customers ? 

Internally, we have a culture of open and collaborative communication. Everyone is focused on informing and sharing information, and we all understand that achieving our goals requires teamwork. There's a strong sense of mutual support, and colleagues' doors are always open for collaboration. 

This spirit of collaboration extends to our partners and principals. We maintain regular and productive communication, fostering strong relationships that are the foundation of our successful partnerships. 

For customers, I act as a technical resource, primarily for Safic-Alcan brand products within the Performance Division. When technical questions or issues arise, I leverage my technical and application knowledge to analyze their needs and recommend the best solution from our product portfolio. Customers appreciate our commitment to finding the right solution, which often leads to long-term, close collaborations. 

What is something curious to know about you ? 

I'm passionate about running, and I hit the track at our local Athletics Club several times a week. Living near the coast has its perks! On weekends, we escape to the stunning Kennemer dunes nature reserve for a refreshing run. It's the perfect way to recharge and reconnect with nature. 

How do you try to incorporate Safic values of Commitment, Differentation, Ethics, Trust & Reliability, Sustainable Development, Team Work, Transparency in your day-to-day work ? 

The values upheld by Safic-Alcan form the foundation of my professional approach. Successful execution of customer projects hinges on effective and transparent communication, as well as collaborative efforts with all stakeholders involved. 

Sustainability serves as a cornerstone in our product selection process. We continuously strive to enhance the eco-friendliness of our polymers and pigment preparations. Initiatives include the adoption of less hazardous solvents, the expansion of our water-based polymer range, and the reduction of environmentally harmful components in our pigment preparations. These efforts are evident in the projects undertaken at our application lab in Beverwijk. 

Furthermore, providing technical support and formulation guidance to our customers is grounded in the findings derived from our lab. This aspect of our work exemplifies our commitment to the values we uphold.

Do you have any illustrative fun/light stories to share from your time at Safic-Alcan ? 

One of the things I love most about Safic-Alcan is the strong sense of team spirit. It's true what they say - it's the people who make the environment. 

The technical team in Beverwijk regularly conducts product training for new CASE sales managers within the Safic group. These training courses aren't just lectures; they involve hands-on work in our lab. The best part? The enthusiasm of the participants is contagious! We alternate in-depth discussions about the products with moments of lighthearted fun and collaboration. It's a fantastic way to not only share knowledge but also build strong connections with our colleagues across Safic. 

What is the main takeaway for candidates aspiring to join Safic-Alcan should know and look forward to? 

It's the chance to thrive in an environment where learning is a daily occurrence, where you have ample opportunities to enhance your skills and expertise, and where you play a direct role in accomplishing the company's objectives." 

Safic-Alcan in 5 words / one sentence 

Dynamic, International, Dedicated, Motivated, Creative.

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