When Mustafa is not reading one of the 60 books he reads every year, he is the director of the Plastics industry in Turkey. Meet him!

Introduce yourself...When and why did you join Safic-Alcan? What made you consider joining us?

To the contrary Safic Alcan joined us. :D It was in 2011, Safic Alcan had first steps to Turkey by acquisition of my former company, Interplast. We had only 2 departments at that time Engineering Plastics and Flooring. Since then we became a big family with 3 other departments Rubber, Case & Life Science.

How do experience your relationship with other collaborators, partners, principals or customers?

In the same manner. Like Rumi said In concealing other's faults, be like the night’. Pandemic state has made us face with different situations which we have never faced before and we always brought new solutions together with our partners, principals and customers. Solutions never end. All of us may face with challenging times again in the future, we will focus on solutions again. In addition thanks to that challenges,  make us bring bright ideas, sustainable eco friendly solutions and we learn a lot from them.

What is something curious or funny we should know about you?

Learning new subjects deeply is the most pleasant thing in my life. I try to read 50-60 books in a year. Nowadays I am very interested in philosophy and quantum technologies. (What’s done in CERN is incredible.) I play football well and advise all of my team to do any of one sport at least in order to stay healthy.

All of us may face challenging times again in the future, but, again, we will focus on solutions.

How do you try to incorporate Safic values of Commitment, Differentiation, Ethics, Trust & Reliability, Sustainable Development, Team Work, Transparency in your day-to-day work. 

Briefly by believing these values. :D All of these values can be gained only by being fair. Being fair to our families, to our colleagues, to our company, to our principals, to our customers, to the environment. Eventhough we are fair, we may not incorporate %100 of these values in our day-to-day work but the more important is walking towards these goals.

Do you have any illustrative fun/light stories to share from your time at Safic-Alcan? 

There are lots of !! Once we were in a very serious customer meeting with one of biggest companies in Turkey,  customer said something about our business but with the words taken from a book which I’ve read, too. It was very cheerful. I’ve answered in the same way with the book, customer was surprised and said something another from book but still related with our business.

Me : When did you read that book?

He : Last week.

We both laughed while telling others about our mysterious conversation.

The book was Guns Germs & Steel by Jared Diamond. :D 

What is the one main takeaway candidates wanting to join Safic-Alcan should know and look forward to?

Warm and delightful atmosphere is waiting for them. They should be ready to welcome challenges which helps them to improve themselves in a couple of years but no need to scare they will be working with experts while achieving their targets.

Safic-Alcan in 5 words: 

Big Family, Reliable, Challenger, Solution Oriented, Promising  

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