Our People : Van Linh Dang

 Van Linh Dang

Meet Van Linh Dang, our Business Director of Performance Products department.

Introduce yourself...When and why did you join Safic-Alcan? What made you consider joining us?

I joined Safic-Alcan France eighteen years ago already. I started as an account manager at the Rubber Department and I sometimes feel like I always had a “special and durable link” with the rubber universe!  

I was born in Vietnam close to rubber plantations, my father worked for 30 years for a tire manufacturer in France, and, completely by chance, my first summer student jobs were for a rubber parts manufacturer. And eventually, I became chemical engineer with a last year study at IFOCA (the French Rubber Institute).  

During my first position as a R&D laboratory manager for a small company for 3 years, I had the opportunity to meet and build a good relationship with the Safic-Alcan sales teams representative. His technical approach and great sense of service stood out from other suppliers and distributors. 

So when I’ve been called to move to technical sales and join Safic-Alcan, I did not hesitate a single second. 

What is the Safic-Alcan value which stands out the most for you ?  

Literally the durable link. With our partners of course, but also with the employees. Internal evolution is a reality in our company. You just have to take a look at our Executive committee ! And at a local scale in France, all our business directors were previously account managers for Safic-Alcan. I also benefited from the company philosophy. Coming from the Rubber department, today I’m leading the Performance Products Division in France, which covers the rubber, coatings, adhesives, plastics, detergency, lubes, and even animal feed markets, among others.  

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to diversify my knowledge, I’m learning every single day.  

You were just now talking about the Plastics industry, you will be present at FIP 2022 won’t you  ?  

Yes of course. For the first time, we will have a booth at the most important French Plastics Trade Show, the FIP, which will take place April 5th – 8th in Lyon.  

We will welcome several of pour principals including Eurotec, our booth partner, and are looking forward to meeting customers face-to-face again. 

Our first time as a exhibitor is part of our growth strategy for our plastic business in France, and we have an ambitious plan to take it to the same level as Rubber or Coatings. 

What are the main topics customers and partners can talk to the teams about at FIP 2022 ?

There will be many, but supply issues might be the first one on the list. This will be indeed the right time to offer alternative sourcing to customers who do not know us yet.  

From the technical compounds to polymers and specialty additives, we are looking forward to helping customers in their currently challenging material procurement process.  

And of course, all the subjects linked to sustainable developments and material will also be key topics.  

Talking about sustainability, what will be your value propositions on that matter ?

Our target is to address this topic at several levels. Of course, we already have a nice range of bio-sourced material, compounds as well as additives.  

We also have compounds coming from PCR (Post Consumer recycled)  and PIR (Post Industrial Recycled) 

But we also promote materials which will contribute to durability of end parts, or which will involve much less CO2 during the whole life cycle analysis.  

Our products offer on that respect is constantly evolving, so let’s discuss ! 

From the technical compounds to polymers and specialty additives, we are looking forward to helping customers in their currently challenging material procurement process.

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