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Why Safic-Alcan for the Plastics Industry

An ever growing portfolio of ingredients/additives for this segment combined with dedicated staff has made Safic-Alcan the preferred partner for suppliers and customers alike. Understanding the language of the industry helps us grow the business of our suppliers whilst helping our customers create value downstream.


An historical Plastics player

Over 50 years of experience in plastic additives and resins distribution.​

Active across all Europe, Middle East and North America, in over 55 countries. We rely on 40 technical sales managers, fully dedicated to plastics.


Our ambition is.

To create a one-stop-shop for the plastic Value Chain

Partnership is our relationship

  • One principal, one contact
  • Act as the commercial extension of our principals​
  • Exclusive agreements with full transparency​
  • Participation to international fairs​
  • 30 warehouses available across market coverage

How do we promote our portfolio

A broad portfolio

Complete portfolio opening doors to our partner's products at all relevant market players​

Several Customer’s Technical days with over 50 participants per event organised locally to promote our partner's best offering.

Digital Innovation

In addition of regular visits and calls, we meet in international fairs, regional industry events or Safic-Alcan local customers days.​

All along the year, we also keep the connections through several digital initiatives such as technical webinars and other virtual and in-person offerings.

We are present every step of the way

From polymer production to compounding, our teams can help you find he best ingredients and solutions. Alongside our partners, we bring you innovative solutions across the whole Plastics value chain. 

What makes us truly unique ?​

We understand the Plastic Value Chain in depth and are supplying it with a complete range of specialty additives and polymers.

Get in touch with a Plastics Expert​​

We are here to support you and provide useful documentation, information and innovative solutions to your projects.


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