SAFIC-ALCAN and SCHÜTZEN reach a PAN-EU agreement for biobased rheological modifiers suitable for Coatings and Construction chemicals

SAFIC-ALCAN and SCHÜTZEN reach a PAN-EU agreement for biobased rheological modifiers suitable for Coatings and Construction chemicals

Paris-La Défense, March 06, 2023

Safic-Alcan, a global specialty chemicals distributor, is pleased to announce its exclusive distribution agreement with Schützen Chemical Group. This agreement includes all European countries, excluding Turkey, and covers Schutzencol biobased rheological modifiers suitable for both Coatings and Construction chemicals markets.

Biobased Chemistry is not just an alternative to fossil-based Chemistry, it is rather a necessity for a sustainable future. Safic-Alcan is a natural partner and a true leader in the distribution industry to bring a sustainable impact on a large scale in Europe. They are setting standards for excellent customer service & product selection. We are excited to bring these products to the European market through our exclusive agreement with them.

“Schützen Chemical Group has developed biobased and highly biodegradable rheological modifiers based on Tamarind seed gum polysaccharides, derived from Tamarind fruits” added Jean-Marie SCHMUCK, Business Development Director Coatings & Construction at Safic-Alcan “We have been immediately convinced by Schützencol value proposition and are delighted of this PAN-EU agreement, therefore adding in our ESG portfolio a new sustainable and innovative solutions for formulators of paints, coatings, tiles adhesives or skim coats"

About Schutzen Chemical Group
Schutzen chemical group is a forerunner in developing biobased & Biodegradable chemistries that replace Fossil Carbon & Highly Toxic Chemicals across various industries. The company offers innovative sustainable polymers, validated formulations & products across Textile, Coating & Construction, Home Care, Leather & Personal Care applications. The company uses their globally patented polymer chemistry and are committed towards achieving the Sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

About Safic-Alcan 
Safic-Alcan is a French independent distributor of specialty chemicals headquartered in Paris La Défense (France). The Company develops and provides wide ranges of polymers, materials and additives for the rubber, coatings, adhesives, thermoplastics, polyurethane, lubricants, detergency, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals industries. With a network of 34 offices strategically located in Europe, Turkey, Middle East, North America, Mexico China, South America and Africa, the company represents state-of-the art manufacturers around the world. Its highly specialized sales engineers allow Safic-Alcan to provide dedicated technical expertise and high-performance solutions thus creating long term partnership with most of its principals and customers. Safic-Alcan employs 768 people worldwide and generated a turnover of 725 M€ in 2021.

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