Safic-Alcan announces new partnership in France with Enzymaster

Safic-Alcan announces new partnership in France with Enzymaster

Paris-La Défense, January 25th, 2021 – Safic-Alcan, a global specialty chemical distributor, announces its collaboration with Enzymaster in France.

Enzymaster, a global biotech company in biocatalysis and enzyme engineering, is specialized in custom biocatalytic manufacturing of chiral building blocks and API intermediates, as well as R&D services for enzyme screening, enzyme optimisation, development of the biocatalytic reaction process and of the enzyme production process.

This partnership aims to develop and commercialize enzymes for the innovative and sustainable production of API intermediates, fine and commodity chemicals, and compounds applied in consumer goods with focus on the French market.

We are delighted with the addition of Enzymaster’s solutions in Safic-Alcan France portfolio, this provides a great opportunity to support our customers in applying enzymes in their manufacturing processes and to contribute to a greener and safer environment.

Joining the technical forces of Safic-Alcan will allow us to offer innovative and sustainable R&D services combined with the establishment of complete technology transfer packages and manufacturing collaborations to fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries” said Dr. Thomas Daussmann, MD and EVP International Business at Enzymaster.

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