Safic-Alcan Expands Partnership with Lubrizol to East Africa

Safic-Alcan Expands Partnership with Lubrizol to East Africa

Thursday, June 1st, 2023

Paris-La Defense, June 1st– Safic-Alcan is pleased to announce the expansion of its distribution agreement with Lubrizol, now encompassing Eastern Africa. The agreement will cover key countries in the region, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, and will be effective from June 1st, 2023.

This extended partnership will focus on delivering surface modifier and dispersant technologies for the coatings, inks, and plastics thermosets industries. It will include renowned product brands from Lubrizol's esteemed Performance Coatings business segment, such as:

  • Lanco™ Surface Modifiers,
  • PowderAdd™ Micronized Waxes,
  • Solsperse™ Hyperdispersants,
  • Solplus™ Additives,
  • Solthix™ Rheology Modifiers.

Safic-Alcan and Lubrizol have enjoyed a prosperous collaboration in the Gulf countries for several years. This new agreement marks an important milestone in our ongoing partnership, providing enhanced value and opportunities.

By expanding our relationship with Safic-Alcan, we are further strengthening a long-standing and successful alliance. We have full confidence in Safic-Alcan's ability to effectively serve the East African region and believe they are the ideal partner for this venture.

Philip Kamau, Commercial Director East Africa, expressed his enthusiasm for the extended partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to extend our collaboration with Lubrizol into East Africa. This development represents a significant milestone for Safic Alcan East Africa, as we augment our portfolio with the inclusion of a global leader in performance additives for the coatings and related industries."

With their shared commitment to excellence, Safic-Alcan and Lubrizol are poised to deliver unparalleled solutions, innovative products, and exceptional service to customers in Eastern Africa. The extended distribution agreement signifies a mutual dedication to meeting the region's evolving needs and supporting its growth and development

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