Webinar : Beauty from within, how are supplements boosting the future of the Beauty Industry ?

Nutraceuticals Beauty from Within

It is official : Ingestible beauty is having a moment!

Join us on September 23rd 2021 at 3PM CET for this live session on the future of ingestible beauty. You can take a closer look at our article on the "Beauty from within trend" to get up to date before the event.

Don't miss this opportunity and discover in this webinar the major industry trends, the specific challenges in the EMEA region and access the latest market inspirations to develop tomorrow's products presented by Mintel Specialist Rosalia Di Gesu.

Take advantage of Safic-Alcan's expertise in the Nutraceutical and Personal Care industries to learn more about our extensive range of sustainable and innovative ingredients.

Already well introduced in the US and across Asia, EMEA consumers are increasingly embracing this hollistic beauty solution with 29% of German women reporting taking vitamins or supplements to improve facial skin in 2019 (27% of women in the U.K. and 23% in France).1

Speaker Mintel Rosalia

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