Cosmet’Agora is not over !

Cosmet’Agora 2022

The entire Safic-Alcan team was happy to meet you again and would like to thank you for your presence at Cosmet’Agora 2022 !

For those who were not able to attend this event, no problem ! Here is the time to catch up with our Astro Beauty theme and discover our brand new sustainable formulas designed to bring happiness to your beauty routine !

Solid formats, waterless formulas and innovative concepts will guide you to create the next most successful products of the galaxy !

Wondering how your zodiac sign could impact your next product development ?

Ask for your « Safic Scope » and discover which active ingredient will bring you good luck in 2022 !

Looking for upcycled ingredients ?

Get our « Upcycling bar » brochure and discover a selection of sustainable ingredients made from by-products to support you in the development of zero waste formulas !

You can fill this form to get your formulas brochure, your SAFIC Scope and your Upcycling brochure :

There is still time to book a meeting with a Cosmetic Expert :

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