Texture Lab Days 2023 !

Texture Lab Days 2023 !

Let yourself be inspired by our next Texture Lab Days 2023 !

We invite you to join us on : 

  • Thursday, October 5th at the Oranjerie Landgoed Sandenburg in the Netherlands 

  • Friday, October 6th at the Science Park of the University of Antwerp in Belgium 

for a Customer Day dedicated to enhance your future development featuring our brand new advanced range of textures and sensory enhancers.


  • Workshops! 

From innovative and sustainable sticks to eco-designed emulsions, put your ingredient knowledge and our formulation expert to the test. 

Discover and experience the latest formulas in the Sensory Zone and Texture Lab! 

A unique selection of smart ingredients using cutting-edge technology to suit the skin's needs, providing targeted and personalized benefits for everyone.

  • Get the knowledge! 

Thanks to the expertise and know-how of our partners, you will be able to navigate through the latest innovations that will enlighten the future of the cosmetics industry.

The Speakers

The speakers at Texture Day 2023_Safic-Alcan

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Our team look forward to meeting you there and helping you bring your vision of beauty to life. 

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