“Care for The Future” with Safic-Alcan and our lab Teams

How to care for the future together with us?

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  • Exclusive access to a 30 minute session on November 16th featuring a Lab Tour of our 4 European application laboratories
  • To discover the best of innovation combining surprising textures and science-based active ingredients.
  • An extensive sustainable formulation brochure.

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Discover eco-designed formulas


Discover our brand new eco-designed formulas using the latest sustainable innovations, including key ingredients from Safic-Alcan's 4 key challenges:

  • Upcycling & Waste Management : including innovative waste-free formulas and a wide range of upcycled and biodegradable ingredients
  • Water Preservation and Blue Beauty :  featuring ingredients where harvesting and manufacturing practices limit the use of water or promote its closed-circuit reuse, creative water-free or solid formulas and a wide range of “Safe Sea” ingredients
  • Science as Key Sustainable Driver : promoting the use of clean-produced synthetics that reduce the depletion of natural resources, multifunctional ingredients to limit the environmental impact of formulas and a wide range of science-derived ingredients (Bio-based, Green Chemistry, ...)
  • Planet & People : where we classify ingredients with a sustainable sourcing for the planet and beneficial to local communities along with responsible labelled ingredients (RSPO, Organic, One voice, Fair Trade...)

Join the movement and make a move together towards a better future! Register now and get your direct access to this sessions and receive our “Care for The Future” formulation booklet : your complete sustainable kit !

Discover Porfolio

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