ChemSpec at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2021

NYSCC Supplier's Day

ChemSpec invites you to make your move towards a more responsible and sustainable cosmetic industry, caring for the beauty and wellness of the planet as well as the people living on it.

Discover new beauty routines

Join us at our booth # 544 as we will be showcasing ingredients and innovative formulas we are most proud of. Our portfolio is full of natural and naturally-derived ingredients including upcycled materials and highly sensorial ingredients that meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Take advantage of the expertise of our technical sales team and our network of 5 formulations labs who have developed innovative formulations with surprising textures:

  • Campaign “Care for The Future”:

Discover our brand new eco-designed formulas using the latest sustainable innovations, including key ingredients from Safic-Alcan's 4 key challenges: Upcycling & Waste Management / Water Preservation and Blue Beauty / Science as Key Sustainable Driver / Planet & People. This campaign also introduces the next generation of solid cosmetics.

  • Routine “Before Masking”:

Take care of your skin before putting your mask on with 3 simple steps using highly natural products: exfoliate, protect, nourish.

Join the movement and make a move together towards a better future!

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