ChemSpec Canada enters agreement with acrylic producer Pioneer Solutions Americas

ChemSpec Canada enters agreement with acrylic producer Pioneer Solutions Americas

TORONTO, CANADA - June 12th 2023

ChemSpec Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Safic-Alcan Group, and a growing supplier in the Canadian specialty chemicals industry is pleased to announce a distribution agreement between itself and Pioneer Solutions Americas Inc.

Our acrylic resin products are divided into 8 series and total more than 150 grades covering a wide range of applications, including coating, ink, adhesives, plastics, handicrafts, medical equipment, electronics, lighting appliances, and many others. Pioneer prides itself on innovation and manufacturing flexibility: we design custom-tailored formulations specific to our customers’ needs and are capable of fast production scale up.

We have a growing portfolio of resins and additives to support our Canadian customer base. The addition of Pioneer Solutions is an exciting technology to complement our existing range of specialty raw materials for the Industrial market.

For more information about Pioneer Solutions Americas, please contact ChemSpec Canada at

About Pioneer Chemicals

Pioneer Solutions Americas Inc. is the American division of Pioneer Chemicals, Asia’s leading manufacturer of solid acrylic resin. Pioneer Chemicals was founded in 1993 with 3 production sites and a combined capacity of more than 23,000 tons/year. Learn More

About ChemSpec

ChemSpec is a North American specialty chemical distribution firm, working within the industrial polymer compounding market and the cosmetic ingredients industry. ChemSpec is a subsidiary of Paris-based Safic-Alcan Group, an international specialty chemical distribution company, focusing on both industrial and life science chemistry. Learn More

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