ChemSpec Canada enters agreement with BB Resins

ChemSpec Canada enters agreement with BB Resins

TORONTO, CANADA - June 6th 2023

ChemSpec Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Safic-Alcan Group, and a growing supplier in the Canadian specialty chemicals industry, is pleased to announce a distribution agreement between itself and BB Resins.

BB Resins Srl is a manufacturer of hardeners for epoxy resins which has created a wide range of products dedicated to the Coating, Construction and Adhesive sectors thanks to its experience, expertise and investment in R&D. BB Resins products are used in construction and flooring, pipe coatings, adhesives, and electrical applications.

Safic-Alcan has a strong portfolio and technology base in epoxy and urethane-engineered resins. BB Resins is a cornerstone partner for our organization offering hardeners and additives for the CASE market.

For more information about BB resins please contact ChemSpec Canada at

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