Our people : Brian Sears

Our people : Brian Sears

With over a decade of experience at ChemSpec, Brian speaks of the tremendous growth he has experienced and witnessed in the organisation.

Introduce yourself...When and why did you join ChemSpec? What made you consider joining us?

I am Brian Sears, the Vice President for Global Procurement. I joined ChemSpec in January 2008. The decision was an easy one, as it was a great opportunity to improve the lives of our (then) young family. Looking back, I know I made the right decision.

What is something curious or funny we should know about you? (your hobbies, passions, etc.)

As of late, most of my time outside of work is spent on sports or activities that my son (13) and daughter (15) participate in. In the summer, I spend any free time I have outside working in the yard, going to the beach, or biking with my wife and kids. I enjoy working out, maybe just not as much as I used to.

What is your favourite story from your time at ChemSpec? 

I have got a lot of great memories over the last 15 years, too many favourites to pick just one. I have seen the company go through quite a transformation, when I was hired in 2008 there were 6 people on staff. I think we are now around 40 which includes Mexico and Canada. Experiencing that growth firsthand has been amazing. We have had good times and bad but have always managed to find success through hard work.

What is one main takeaway candidates wanting to join ChemSpec should know and look forward to? 

The chemical distribution business is unique, and I think it takes a certain kind of person to find success in this industry. ChemSpec is rooted in family, and still try our best to maintain that feeling and commitment to this day. We care for our staff and will do anything possible to help them succeed.

Describe ChemSpec in 5 words: 

Inspired, Passionate, Committed, Family, and Growth.

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