Safic-Alcan and PolymerExpert have extended their distribution agreement for Italy

partnership Safic-Alcan Italy

Safic Alcan Italy, 10th January 2022

Safic-Alcan, a global specialty chemicals distributor, is pleased to announce a new partnership with PolymerExpert, an important company which is focused on innovation in the field of polymers and which invests heavily in the search for new and performing raw materials that adapt to current needs. 

The partnership refers to the range of products named Estogel® and Expertgel®, polymers synthesized thanks to a patented supramolecular technology. They show an unusual rheological profile very useful for improving product performance and creating new and innovative textures.

Safic-Alcan and PolymerExpert have started a profitable collaboration that will expand distribution on the Italian market.

We’re delighted to announce this new partnership with Safic-Alcan Italy. We hope to see our ingredient soon in a lot of Italian cosmetics products and help formulators to achieve new formula, texture and great success!

PolymerExpert range will strong Safic Alcan Italia’s offer in terms of multifunctional and innovative ingredients to better support customers’ R&D development. 

“It is a great opportunity to expand our portfolio with Estogel® and Expertgel® range of products, because I believe that they have great potential and that they can be useful for our customers to formulate products with an extra gear”, concluded Serena Saronne, Business Development Manager Cosmetic Division at Safic-Alcan Italy.

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