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Discover CosmeGreen, the new area of green, clean and upcycled cationic surfactants for sustainable formulations

Environmental awareness and the sustainability mindset of consumers have increased immensely in recent years. Therefore, green, clean and resource-saving cosmetic ingredients are more important than ever.

Sufractgreen is a pioneer in this category and was the first company to develop a 100% organic cationic surfactant, Cosmegreen ES1822+ (INCI Name: Arachidyl/Behenyl Betainate Esylate (and) Arachidyl/Behenyl Alcohol)

But what are cationic surfactants anyway?

Usually surfactants are defined in classical cosmetics as washing-active substances and divided into the following four categories:

Type of Surfactants

In this context, cationic surfactants are mainly used in hair care products, because they attach themselves to the damaged negatively charged hair and improve the mechanical properties of the hair as shown in the following :


As Cosmegreen ES1822+ works as a conditioning agent it improves also shining and softness of hair fibres. Other benefits of the Cosmegreen ES 1822+ are the excellent detangling properties.

And why is Cosmegreen ES1822+ much better for our environment than conventional cationic surfactants?

Unlike conventional cationic surfactants such as Behentrimonium Chloride, Cosmegreen ES 1822+ is not derived from petroleum-based raw materials. Cosmegreen ES 1822+ is not only derived from upcycling products such as sugar beet and canola but is also much more skin friendly and biodegradable than conventional cationic surfactants. Compared to conventional conditioning raw materials, Cosmegreen ES 1822+ is gentle on the scalp and thus does not irritate the skin. Other extraordinary advantages over traditional conditioners are that they are vegan and cruelty free. In addition, they do not contain silicones, sulfates or preservatives.

How to formulate green and clean solid products?

Hair Back

Solid formulations are more environmentally friendly because they are water-free systems and are often more productive than liquid products. Conditioning raw materials are often difficult to incorporate into solid formulations. Cosmegreen ES1822+ is not only 100% plant-derived and readily biodegradable but can also be excellently integrated into solid but also liquid systems. A particular advantage is also the simple high scaling that is possible with the Cosmegreen.

Surfactgreen : how to formulate a solid conditioner


If you want to get more Formulations with Cosmegreen, you can get some here !


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