Welcome to the new era for nutraceuticals: nutricosmetics – beauty from within


Beauty from the inside out is what nutricosmetics are all about. They are ingestible nutritional dietary supplements that have migrated into the beauty space. Think ready-to-drink beverages and tablets.  

Are we, as Europeans, ready to incorporate these dietary supplements into our daily routines or is it a fad that will, unfortunately, pass us by?

A brief definition and history of nutricosmetic success in the world

Nutricosmetics: what is it?

As the name suggests, nutricosmetics are a merger between cosmetics and nutraceuticals. 

As the lines between beauty, health and nutrition have become increasingly blurred and overlapped, new product development has been flourishing. Nutricosmetics is seeing a huge expansion in development opportunities and product ranges.  

These products range currently include dietary supplements, functional beverages (for the beauty industry) and skincare. All of which have vital active and natural ingredients to nourish consumers’ skin, nails and hair from the inside. 

Nutricosmetics in the past and ingestible beauty in Europe

The global nutricosmetics market size was valued at US$ 3,853.4 mn in 2018 and is set to reach US$ 8,571.5 mn by 2027. This is mainly due to the well-established Asian and US markets. The European market has had some failed attempts at launching nutricosmetics.however, there seems to be a shift. Especially with the rise of popular game-changing beauty brands popularising beauty-from-within products with their loyal followers.

The future for nutricosmetics and the holistic approach to beauty in Europe

More and more European companies are launching nutricosmetic product lines with significantly better results. COVID-19 and repeated lockdowns may be to thank for this shift in the market. Our routines have changed and we have a constant focus on health and well-being. Europeans, it seems, may finally be ready to supplement their nutrition and invest in holistic wellness and beauty products. Their motivation? That being healthy is the key to true beauty.

Nutricosmetics as part of a holistic approach to beauty

At Safic-Alcan we believe in a holistic approach to beauty and our experience in cosmetics enables us to act as a forward-looking actor of the health, wellness and nutrition industry by providing both excellent active ingredients and insights. 

Nutricosmetics: our main areas of focus

  • Hair Health. 

Supplements to make the hair shinier and healthier or even to reduce hair loss and accelerate hair growth. We supply a range of holistic products in this category; for example, AnaGain™ Nu (by Mibelle Biochemistry). This is a unique water-soluble powder that is extracted from organically grown pea shoots.  

  • Nail Health. 

Supplements to make nails grow stronger, healthier and be less likely to break.  

  • Weight Management. 

Supplement ingredients to help the body detoxify, improve water retention and aid slimming. At Safic-Alcan we supply nutraceutical ingredients across many different areas of weight management. An example being: NutrAlga® (by Solabia Nutrition) which is developed from brown algae and has properties including glycemia (blood sugar) regulation and lipids storage.  

  • Skin Health. 

Holistic skin care is a very broad category. From combating eczema to anti-ageing, there are plenty of areas to target and hundreds of solutions. Some ingredient highlights, which we have identified as a potential solution to this matter : 

  • AstaPure®(by Solabia/Algatech)  – The active ingredient Astaxanthin is a super antioxidant. It occurs naturally from certain microalgae and can be used in a wide variety of ways, including fighting erythema. 

  • Delphinol® (by Anklam Extrakt GmbH) – This anti-ageing/anti-inflammatory polyphenol-rich maqui berry extract improves saturation and vividity of the skin and also decreases the number of red spots and overall redness over an 8-week period. 

  • DracoBelle™ Nu (by Mibelle Biochemistry) – A water-soluble powder extracted from organically grown Moldavian Dragonhead. This ingredient demonstrates a significant improvement in skin moisture, elasticity and density; perfect for anti-ageing products

Why choose Safic-Alcan?

“There are obvious bridges between cosmetics and nutraceuticals. First of all, both areas promise to improve overall well-being. Secondly, they target the same functionalities: anti-aging, moisturizing, skin brightening, sun protection and so on. Finally, they capitalise on similar technical approaches based on plant extracts, vitamins, hyaluronic acids and other functional actives, minerals and pre/pro/post biotics. The fact that more and more companies offer both a cosmetic range and a nutraceutical range illustrates potential technical/marketing/business synergies between these two areas.”

Innovation in nutricosmetics and holistic beauty products

At Safic-Alcan we keep ahead of the trends and are constantly researching what the market is doing when it comes to holistic beauty, along with new releases. We recently came across these innovative products and we’re keen to share them with you: 

”Superblends – Glow” by Twinings

Why we love them: Twinings has been in business since the 1700s. They are known for their traditional beverages, however, they have now seen the benefits of using supplements (biotin) to target a new era of health and beauty-focused consumers.  

Shampoo & conditioner by Hairburst

Why we love them:  Not only do they have chewable hair growth vitamin supplements, they’ve gone a step further combining nutricosmetics into their external products i.e.  shampoo/conditioner. 

Beauty gummies by Immunité Paris

Why we love them: Fundamentally because they use a combination of natural vitamins to target the well-being of your hair, skin and nails at the same time. Additionally, because they are aesthetically pleasing. They are making nutricosmetics popular by mixing health and pleasure with indulgent beauty. 

Vegan beauty capsules by YLUMI

Why we love them: They are answering the demand for vegan alternatives in the market. They also use vital mushrooms from traditional Chinese herbalism which we think is pretty exciting. 

Gallinée and their probiotics

Why we love them: They have taken holistic skincare supplements to a new level. Integrating them with probiotics to balance your microbiome and also soothe sensitive skin. 

Good Hair Gummies by Lashilé Beauty

Why we love them: The simple fact that they care and cater for men’s beauty.  

Educational content by Nutri&Co

Why we love them: For their educational content on Youtube – Definitely worth a watch if you can understand French.  

Ingestible suncare by Lycored

Why we love them: Innovative approach with ingestible suncare. Additionally, their #rethinkbeautiful campaign is something we love. Lycored encouraged its followers to write anonymous messages of positivity to all the models taking part in New York Fashion Week.

Beauty comes from within: are you with us?

We truly believe that the market is now ready to embrace change, don’t you? If so, you can rely on Safic-Alcan’s help to foster this holistic approach to beauty thanks to its expertise and eye on innovation.

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